About Dexda products

Dexda Products is an online store providing many high-quality products, including jewellery,  watches, fashion, printed T-shirts, electricals, Health and fitness, Security, hobbies, gifts, insurance & finance and much more, at very competitive prices.

We also endeavour to provide a large selection of products for customers with diabetes, arthritis and other physical and medical problems.

We do not sell cheap products, we do not sell pound lines, we provide high quality products at a reasonable and competitive price, with an excellent professional service and follow up.

At fifty-nine years old, disabled after an accident and struggling with arthritis finding it impossible to work, having spent years selling at car-boots, fairs and displays decided to start an online shop, to provide high quality products, at a reasonable price with free shipping to the UK.

This website has been named after a very loved and missed dog called Dexda (named by young grandchildren) that had to be rehomed, as the time, attention and walks, could not be provided, following my accident and illness.