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Cancer Care Parcel - Thoughtful, Comforting and Appropriate Cancer Gifts

Welcome to Cancer Care Parcel, the UK’s only supplier of premium cancer gift packages targeted to the UK market.

All Our Gifts Are Put Together By Experts

All our gifts are thoughtfully put together.  We liaise with our advisory board, which consists of cancer patients and survivors and those receiving our parcels, for feedback and suggestions.

We carefully construct each box so that customers can feel secure that their gift will be welcome.

Our gifts are focused on people who are affected by cancer because that is where our expertise is.

We do not sell gifts for other illnesses; although people are welcome to buy our gifts for any reason, we create our gifts with cancer patients and their family and friends in mind.

Profit Is Used To Support The Cancer Community.

Performance Bracing for Sports Enthusiasts from CTi

Since 1983 the CTi has been providing protection and support to the knee joint. The knee has to sustain large forces passing through it, especially in extreme, high impact sports. To stabilise the knee joint there are numerous structures that form the joint. Ligaments are tissues which connect bone to other bones, in the case of the knee the thigh bone to the shin bone. Ligaments provide a high level of support to the joint, but they can only withstand so much force. The CTi brace is designed to offer rigid support that can withstand high forces and protect the structures within the knee joint.



For over 30 years, ProForm® has offered the motivation needed to start and continue a fitness transformation. We provide the confidence necessary to transform. Whatever your reason to be better, our goal is to instill confidence in you and see you change inside and out.

We are passionate about helping others find success, and we continually lead the industry by staying on the forefront of fitness and providing the most effective workout possible.

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Body Sculpture are leaders in home fitness equipment and accessories and in sports nutrition and supplements. The UK brand started in 1965 and has grown to become one of the world leaders in fitness and wellbeing.

With over 50 years expertise in fitness and wellbeing, we design fitness products that incorporate the latest technology, offering high quality and great value.  Our innovative Sports Nutrition range supports an active lifestyle, enabling those looking to increase their muscle tone, flexibility and overall wellbeing. We also offer our unique Glucomannan 6+ formula, scientifically proven to contribute to weight loss.